Friday, October 07, 2005

CD Review: Blindside - The Great Depression

Undoubtedly the greatest Christian rock band to ever come out of Sweden, Blindside is back with The Great Depression on Wasa Recordings. I first heard Blindside a few years ago on a local radio station. It was either "Caught a Glimpse" or "Sleepwalking" (I can’t remember which) from the band's major label debut Silence. Specifically, I remember they were loud. And being from the school of “louder is better,” I decided I should probably check them out. Well, it’s three years later and I’m finally getting around to it. I’ve been a little busy!

The Great Depression is really an interesting album. It took me three listens, but I’m really into it now. The band incorporates multiple musical styles, and though they are usually on the harder side, no two songs on this album sound the same. Blindside is a band that sounds as comfortable playing pop-punk as they do playing hardcore. Sure, they have the hardcore thing down pat, but they are also talented songwriters who write catchy tunes like “Ask Me Now,” “Put Back the Stars” and the album’s first single “Fell in Love with the Game.” Blindside also benefits from pop and alt-rock influences in such tracks as “When I Remember,” “This Time” and the fun dance number “My Alibi.”

And though not a theme album, much of the album’s lyrical subject matter comes from vocalist Christian Lindskog’s experiences while visiting South Africa earlier this year. This, as you could probably guess, gives the lyrics a “heavy” feel, which nicely matches the tone of the music throughout the record.

From front to back, The Great Depression is a very strong release. Blindside’s high-energy delivery and substantive songwriting make for an enjoyable listen.

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