Friday, December 09, 2005

CD Review: wahba - The Beautiful Effect

wahba, an independent Christian rock singer/songwriter/musician, has recently released The Beautiful Effect, his second full-length album.

I like wahba. You can find wahba playing gigs and leading worship services in and around his hometown of Tempe, Arizona—the home of the Arizona State University Sun Devils. If you’re into Christian rock and have you’ve never heard of wahba, you may soon. He’s a talented musician with a great voice. He’s also quite popular over at, a website devoted to emerging and independent Christian artists using music in their ministries.

The Beautiful Effect is the follow-up to wahba’s debut record proskyneo. wahba calls the new record a “concept worship” album, which is anchored by two basic themes, Beauty and Effect. Beauty, the first half of the record, features songs that identify the gifts God provides. Effect, the album’s second half, is made up of tunes that highlight the believer’s response to these gifts.

wahba works in multiple rock styles on this record, including power pop, funk rock, and good ol’ modern worship and praise. And he does it well. wahba’s got a “smoove” voice and a great backing band. Efficiently produced, this is one of the more “clean” sounding independent records you’ll hear.

The thing I think I most admire about wahba is his songwriting. Musically, his songs are fairly simple, but at the same time still interesting and lyrically uplifting (which is the whole point, right?). These are great songs to hum or sing along with. I challenge anyone to listen to “Giver,” “Saint” or the cheesy, but terribly infectious, “All That We Need” and not get at least one of those tunes stuck in your head.

To pick this CD up, you’ll need to go to wahba’s page on the IndieHeaven website. wahba has full-length streams on that page for you to check out before you buy.

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